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Our Core Values

Our Core Values


We ensure  that all students have a relaxed, purposeful and safe learning environment, we insist upon a basic code of conduct summed up in the student’s planner as follows:                                

I am here to learn                    

I must not stop others from learning

I am safe to myself and others                                

I do not bully because I am a kind person              In order to create a safe and positive learning environment, we need clearly understood guidelines. This code of conduct presents the rules and regulations applicable to students enrolled at comprehensive Academy, Abeokuta.

1. Students are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a sensible and responsible manner while at school, attending school functions or when representing the school.

2. Students conduct should:-     Show respect, care, concern and consideration for others. Show respect for the school property, and the  of others.                            

3. Students are required to co-operate with all staff members .This includes-giving one’s name, form, class and others reasonable information to any staff member when requested and actin accordance with instructions issued by the staff members.

4. Unacceptable behavior include, buying, offensive language, racist or homophobic remarks, and sexual harassment.                                                   

5. Smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol, solvent –based glue and other dangerous or narcotic substances are not allowed in the school. School functions, events such as sports, cultural event, excursion , or travelling to and from school; and at any other time where identification with Comprehensive Academy is possible.

Mission Statement & Phylosophy

1.       To provide solid educational foundation for youths.

2.       Compro provides its students with tools to achieve both personal growth and material success.

3.       Compro provides its students with what it takes to be academically independent.

4.       The products of Compro are not expected to do anything except what they can do best as the school motto is “Nothing But The Best”.

5.       The school inculcates the spirit of religious  and tribal tolerance among its students.

6.       The school will be a model in the country and the state in particular for post primary.

Vision Statement

  1. Compro will offer various subjects that will reflect its name COMPREHENSIVE
  2. The school will in future be a research centre where educational researches will be carried out in humanities ,pure and applied science and arts.
  3. The school will contributes immensely to its community by enhancing cordial school community relationship to benefit apart from academics.
  4. The school will religiously conform with the curriculum and guidelines provided by the National policy on education and national education research & development council (NERDC) as well as university of Cambridge,London.
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